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Silicon components for pharmaceutical use

Most of the packaging components for pharmaceutical products such as: glass jars, cartridges, blisters, syringes, savouries and rubber plungers require silicon and subsequent thermal treatment in order to improve its use and function.

The silicone emulsion is performed with USP silicone (polydimethylsiloxane) at high temperatures, forms an invisible film on the different packages allowing its content, such as: viscous liquids, anesthetics and injections totally flow from the jar’s sides, ampoule, carpool.


  Benefits of the Silicone
Better drainage from the solutions of the vials, products which are in suspension, injections, anesthetics, etc.

Increase of the productivity in productive processes in which discs and/or rubber stoppers are involved.

Increase of the sliding piston in glass and/or plastic syringes.



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