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Uses and Properties

Silicone’s emulsions

They are elaborated with 35% of dimethylpolysiloxane

Main applications
They are used in a general way, as a release agent, a non-stick, a softener, for a brightness increase and for surface treatments.

Industrial use

For the oil industry and processes in general 100% of active material.

Main applications
Raw material

Greases and Lubricants based on silicones

Specific uses in a wide range of temperatures (-40 to 250 ºC), water resistant, heat dissipative, insulating, lubrication systems rubber-plastics / metal protection corrosion, etc.
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Silicone’s sealants

Acetic and neutral, transparent and colourful.

Greases, lubricants and oils for alimentary uses

With the approval from the FDA (USA) we have a wide variety of products such as Tribology distributors from USA

Silicone’s Oil

From 5 up to 1.000.000 cst.
For industrial, alimentary, and/or pharmacist uses.

Main applications
Plastic lubricants and elastomers, transformer’s fluids, raw material for the antifoamer’s elaboration, active material in cleaning products and auto care, release agent and non-stick, base for greases manufacturing, and special lubricants.


Simethicone 100% and in powder 50%.

Aqueous base

Main applications
Chemical manufacturing, foam’s control in formulation processes, cleaning agents, textile processing and effluent treatments.

Silicone’s aerosols

They are characterized by its high content of silicone and its excellent release agents and non-stick properties. We elaborate special formulations according to the market’s requirements.

Silicone’s rubber RTV

They are rubbers made out of two components that vulcanize at room temperature. Different hardness and flexibility, in terms of the users requirements. Its use is recommended for plaster’s reproductions, polyester resin, lead, pewter, tin, etc. + info

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